17 Mar

Twiggy, like butter wouldn't melt

Now that the days are longer i have started walking my dog, Twiggy, everyday after work. Shamefully in the winter she does not get such regular walks but i have vowed that from now on this will change. She is a Staffy crossed with a Ridgeback, maybe, (to be honest we are not really sure) and so has alot of energy. Although in the house she is a real sweety and happy just to lie on your lap and snuggle up. People can be very snobby about Staffies due to all the bad press that they get, but i can safely say that they are the most loyal and loving dogs and i know Twiggy will be great with the baby when she comes along. Anyway, this is another story!

As a gym member i like to keep active and healthy, and in pregnancy this is still a top priority. I have calmed my workouts down however, especially as i am entering the third trimester, so walking is a great alternative to the treadmill. It is also alot more enjoyable i have to say, i am loving getting some freash air after sitting at a computer all day. Of course Twiggy loves it too! There is a nearby wood that we head to straight after work for about 45mins, we often meet other dogs so Twiggy gets a play. I have noticed that she is a lot more tired in the evenings this week, so the walks are definately a great idea, for both of us.

I have done alot of reading about exercising in pregnancy and everyone seems to say that light exercise for about 30 minuites a day is ideal to get the heart pumping and keep the body fit, they don’t call it labour for nothing! Just make sure you don’t overdo it, if you cannot keep a conversation going then you are pushing too hard. Walking is great because you can incorporate it into your everyday life, and you don’t even notice you are exercising.

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