Waitrose Organic; beauty on a budget

18 Mar

Organic moisturising lotion

I love shopping in Waitrose for my groceries, especially all the yummy delicatessent treats they do. I like to support local and British produce and Waitrose if one of the few supermarkets that tries to do the same. It might be a bit more expensive but if you are a savvy shopper this does not always have to be the case. I recently came across their organic range of beauty products whilst looking for some toothpaste on my weekly shopping trip, so thought i would give it a try. Being pregnant i like to try and put only organic and natural products onto my skin. Organic and natural can often mean you pay a premium but this is not the case with Waitrose products. I choose their organic moisturising lotion, £4.07, and it smells absolutely devine! It contains shea butter and geranium oil which leaves my skin really nourished and smooth. I also purchased the matching shower cream which is equally as delicious. The smell really lingers on your skin and also makes the bathroom smell gorgeous!  So there you have it, a credit crunch beauty must-have!


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