21 Mar

Carluccio's Italian restaurant chain

On Saturday after spending the afternoon, and what inevitable stretching into the early evening, my fiance, myself and a couple of friends, decided to go for an inpromptu bite to eat. We were all starving, me because being pregnant i always seem to be hungry every few hours, and them because they had been drinking!

Being Saturday most places were extremely busy and we had not booked anywhere. We ended up spotting the Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s that had a few empty tables in the window and all agreed that a pizza would be perfect! Upon entering the restaurant we were promptly seated and handed a menu, to our horror there were no pizza’s listed! This seemed really bizarre seeing as a signature Italian dish is pizza! This was our first complaint about Carluccio’s, and to be honest the first of a long list. The food was really average, fatty steak, small portions, greasy. If we had not been so hungry we would have really made a fuss.

So all in all i would not reccommend Carluccio’s if you want a nice Italian meal. Italian food is one of my favourites. I have been extremely spoilt by the fact that my fiance has an Italian mother and we regularly enjoy her authentic Italian cooking. We also spend atleast a few weeks every year in Italy, and so when i go to an Italian restaurant i expect the food to be up to scratch! Carluccio’s has a number of establishments in and around London but i will not be going again.

There was a plus, it was pretty cheap and the staff were very friendly.

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