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27 Mar

Decora series Iphone 4 cases

I just have to tell you about this excellent iphone/ipad cover site i recently found!! (I have just got a new phone after dropping my old one in a swimming pool, long story, and needed a new cover)
If like me you love a bit of bling you will love this; There are so many different cover designs it is actually very hard to decide which one to get! Prices vary, you could spend over £100 on a swarovski crystal case or just £15.99 0n a Python print style! Personally I like the Decora series, and have just purchased this silver one pictured! Not too pricey at £33.99 it looks super sexy on my phone. I know you can get cheap alternatives from the market, but they hardly last and after about a month the case becomes very grubby and tacky, so i have decided to invest. You use your phone everyday so all in all i think its money well spent! Everyone that sees my phone now is utterly jealous!
DSStyles also do cases for Ipods and Ipads aswell as the Samsung range! They are shipped from Hong Kong so take about a week to arrive but well worth the wait.
Add a bit of sparkle to your changing bag :)

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