30 Mar

topshop maternity regular leggings £20

Topshop maternity high waist leggings £20

Miss Selfridge Black ankle leggings £12
Matalan leggings £6

Black leggings are a staple of every girls wardrobe, and even more so if you are pregnant! You can just throw them on in the morning with a long knit and some boots with no effort whatsoever. Leggings are super comfy and if you get the right pair can also look great dressed up for the evening with some heels and a sparkly top.

I have lived in leggings throughout my pregnancy and i have been lucky enough to still fit into my original, pre pregnancy, styles. However, i have found certain brands alot more comfortable and better fitting than others.
I have selected a few of the most popular brands, both maternity and regular styles above. As you can see prices vary. I own a pair of Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and i recently brought a pair in Matalan for £6! I was tempted by the price, so cheap! 
My favourite are my Miss Selfridge leggings. Regular size 8 still fits me, below the bump, and they have not lost their shape or become baggy. My Topshop leggings (that i have owned for less time) have now got a whole in them! The material is a lot softer, which initally drew me to purchasing them, however this has resulted in them loosing their shape, i am always hoisting them up! Not a good look!
The Matalan leggings i am wearing today for the first time. They seem rather big around the bottom and again i need to pull them up quite a bit. In this instance most definately cheap and cheerful, i would not wear them in the evening and i suspect they will be chucked after a few wears.
I have not been drawn to any of the over bump, or high waisted maternity leggings. I just think they are rather unsexy. Some say they are more comfortable and ‘hold your bump’ snugly, but i am yet to be persuaded. However if you like these styles then i would go to somewhere like Topshop maternity. I have a pair of their maternity jeggings which i really like. Seeing as you will only need them for a limited time i wouldn’t worry about them getting holes!
As always with maternity fashion, try before you buy, comfort is essential. If you visit the regular leggings department you might want to go for the next size up, depending on the brand, you might find they fit a little better.

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