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4 Apr

I started practicing yoga about a year ago. It was something i always wanted to get into and just never got around to, until my gym introduced a number of different yoga classes. I started doing a basic yoga on a Saturday morning and then progressed into Ashtanga yoga, which is a bit more strenuous and advanced. I also tried my hand at Bikram yoga, which is practicing in some 105 degree heat! I loved the feeling after the class, cleansed and revitalised, but i did find the session really hard! I did only go to one class in the end but thinking about it I might try to get into Bikram after i have the baby…i reckon it would be a great way to loose the baby weight!!

Since becoming pregnant i have had to stop the Ashtanga yoga, as it is not recommended in pregnancy, and have reverted back to a more basic practice. I have to admit i have been a bit useless at making the Saturday morning class as it begins at 8.30am and i often require a lie in these days! However, i was told about a ‘yoga for mums to be’ programme, on Sky channel 282, so thought i would give it a try. The class started at 2am so i simply set the sky plus to record, ready for me to watch another time. Now i have my own Pregnancy yoga class to watch and practice in the comfort of my living room when ever i fancy! Genius.

It is great practicing yoga from home. If you don’t have Sky then you could always purchase one of the many pregnancy yoga DVD’s available, or even download a class from the internet! You don’t even really need any equipment, just some comfy leggings and a top. I would suggest getting a yoga mat though, they are really cheap! Have a look on Argos or somewhere similar.

I am going to do my class atleast twice a week (as well as my daily dog walks). It is great for posture, strengthening your core and learning to relax. All of this will really help throughout your pregnancy and labour! Its not strenuous on your body either so you can practice it right up until you give birth!  All the celebs seem to swear by it! Just look at Miranda Kerr a few weeks after having her baby, apparently yoga helped with that :)  . It’s got to be worth a try then!

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  1. Samantha Fenn August 15, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    I’m a Lazy Daisy Active birthing teacher, our classes are yoga based movements what are labour and pregnancy relevant and include education, parts of hypnobirthing and breathing techniques There are classes all over the country and they’re usually in the evenings… might be worth you taking a look to see if there is a class near you?

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