Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow

12 Apr

As my pregnancy is progressing and my bump is getting bigger i have been finding it harder and harder to get comfortable in bed. This has really affected my sleep and i was desperate to find something that would help, i am concious that i need to make the most of my sleep whilst i still can!!

I have seen and read about a number of different pregnancy pillows designed to combat my exact problem, and one that really stood out was the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow. I first saw them at the babyshow in London and thought they looked great, just what i needed.  After talking to the creator and owner behing the brand i was convinced that the pillow was just what i needed. I have not been disappointed! The dreamgenii pregnancy pillow is not only comfortable and supportive to every bit  of my body, but allows for the best and healthiest position for my baby whilst i am sleeping. It is not too bulky that it takes up the whole bed either! My fiance would not be best pleased if i took up even more room than i already do! :)

Dreamgenii have also kindly given me their Breasfeeding pillow to try once baby arrives :) .  If this is anything like the pregnancy pillow i will be thrilled. I am desperate to breastfeed and understand that anything that will help make the process easier and more comfortable is always recommended. The pillow also doubles as a baby nest, judging by the images it looks super cosy and baby will love it! I will let you know how i get on in a few months :)


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