Stretchmarks: prevention and treatment from Silderm

13 Apr

Silderm stretchmark prevention

Stretch mark Treatment

Pregnancy results in a number of annoying conditions, one of the most worrysome is the dreaded stretchmarks! They say that the likelihood of you getting stretchmarks is mostly down to your genes, so if your mother got them you probably will too. However, i strongly believe that you can definately help to reduce their appearance, and maybe even prevent stretchmarks all together, with a little help from a friend.

In this instance my friend is Silderm – ‘Beauty through Science, clinically proven for stretchmarks.’ Silderm is similar to the more popular brand, Bio Oil (i must admit i used this in the first instance before i found out about Silderm) but i think it might be a step ahead. Here is why:

‘Silderm is a new concept in the beauty and asethetics market. For many years the best kept secrets have been kept in expensive clinics and held secret by the A list celebrities.

These breakthroughs have been developed by scientists, studied under the most stringent clinical conditions and used by the select few, who knew they worked because the data proved, beyond doubt that these clinically proven products were effective. ‘

Obviously you must not beleive everything you read and should make your own judgements. But i was sent some Silderm and i have to say i am very happy with the result so far. I do not want to speak too soon, but already well into my third trimester, things are looking good. 

Silderm has not been available in the UK for very long but you can now purchase it on various internet sites.

As well as the stretch mark prevention oil, to be applied twice daily to your desired areas (mainly bump and bust, although i put it everywhere- it makes my whole body super soft and moisturised!) they also do a stretchmark treatment, designed to combat existing flaws. I honestly reccommend giving it a try, even if you are not pregnant! The only annoying thing is that you cannot just purchase it instore, so have to wait for delivery!

There is a rumour that Silderm will also soon be launching an anti-aging miracle face cream!


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  1. Colin Caldicott January 27, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    Just to update you, Silderm cream and oil is available in store at Urban Retreat outlets that situated in Harrods, Boots in Kingston-upon-Thames and Harvey Nichols in Manchester

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