Breastfeeding aid: Mamascarf

18 Apr

Worn as a scarf


There has been a lot of controversy lately about breastfeeding in the media, mainly centered around celebrities and the stigma they have received for choosing to opt out of breastfeeding their own babies. I am not going  to judge as i completely understand why some women find it difficult, for personal or medical reasons, or simply because their lifestyle won’t allow it. However i do plan to breastfeed, all being well.

Personally i think its the most natural thing and if you can persevere the benefits for yourself and your baby are tremendous. Not to mention the fact that it is so much easier and cheaper! So, as i plan to breastfeed i have been researching the market to see what products are out their to make my life easier. I came across the Mamascarf a few weeks ago and was quite excited by what i saw.

The mamascaft is a 100% cotton, machine washable breasfeeding aid, designed to make nursing mums feel more relaxed and discreet when feeding a baby in public. It is really lighweight so baby won’t get too hot, and because it ties around your neck it acts as a sort of sling, supporting babies weight so your arms don’t get tired. It is one size fits all, which is perfect as it means it will last the duration of time you breastfeed.

 Mamascarf also comes in a number of different designs, specifically so you can wear it as a fashion scarf! I like this idea, a multi-functional stylish product, practical yet fashionable! Perfect for us yummy mummies who don’t want some clumsy, bulky, apron type thing hanging off them. Not a sexy look!

I have kindly been sent the Mamascaft to test and really cannot wait to try it out! I have until June to wait, but in the meantime have lent it to my cousin who has a three month old. She loves it so much she doesn’t want to give it back to me!

Not surprisingly the Mamascarf has one a number of different awards and featured on several top TV shows such as this morning and GMTV!

Have a look at their website for more information. They are only £17.99 which i think will be a real investment!

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