Camden: A fish pedicure, Gilgamesh and shopping!

26 Apr

Fish pedicure

I had a lovely day on Saturday with my soon to be sister in law! She treated me to a fish pedicure and lunch at the yummy Gilgamesh in Camden. Afterwards we (of course) spent a few hours shopping in the stables, there is so much to see there we could have literally spent all day!

So, first off the fish pedicure. I was quite excited about this, but at the same time not really sure what to expect! We arrived at the salon, had our feet sprayed with disinfectant and then place them in individual tanks filled with hundreds of little fish. They immediately swarmed our feet and started nibbling away. I have to say the sensation was extreemely bizaree and we both squeeled pretty much non stop for the first ten minutes! Not really a relaxing experience, we were both counting down for the half an hour to be over! However once we got used to the sensation, (the key is to not think about what is actually happening) we managed to calm down a bit. I was interested to see how smooth our feet were afterwards, i have to say that those little fish had done a reasonably good job! I think a fish pedicure requires a few goes before you get the same effect as a traditional pedicure, but i do recommend it just for the experience. I was also told that fish pedicures are actually great for pregnancy, as they increase the circulation in your feet and prevent swelling.

After the pedicure we headed to Gilgamesh. I love Gilgamesh, they do scrumptious Thai curries and the atmosphere and decor is really cool. The meal started off great as expected but quickly went down hill. For our main we choose a cold noodle salad, sounded quite nice. Little did we know that this dish, one it turns out that had never been ordered before, was basically a pile of garbage on a plate! It stank like rotten bins and tasted pretty much the same! Cold brown noodles with rotton cabbage and a raw quals egg, yummy! Even our waiter was embarassed by what he was serving us, he went bright red when he presented the plates. However to their credit when we explained that we really couldn’t eat it they russled up some lovely salmon as an alternative. Not quite sure what the chef was thinking with that dish, but i am almost 100% sure it has been taken off the menu!

After lunch we hit the shops! I love all the different stalls and quirky shops in Camden and am defiantely planning to go back and spend the whole day just shopping. We managed to go to American Apparel aswell, love that place! Not great for maternity wear but i still love looking around and getting ideas on outfits and looks that i can adapt for a bump.

All in all a lovely day with a few funny stories to tell!

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