Maternity lounge wear aka Natalie Portman

28 Apr

Mama.licious nira lounge pants £37 and sweat Cardigan £26

Asos maternity exclusive zipped hoody £30

Mothercare basic jogger £12

Mothercare short sleeve top £16

Being pregnant means that sometimes you just want to be comfy and lounge around in some tracky’s, well i do anyway, and so does Natalie Portman judging by the fact that she has recently been pictured out and in a casual attire. However it is important to understand that tracksuit does not have to mean trailor trash. There is lots of maternity loungewear available that allows for a stylish, casual look.

I think personally it is best to go for neutral, dark colours in classic styles, try to avoid looking like a  Paris Hilton wannabe in  juicy couture, you will look even more conspicuous with a big bump that is neon pink! I particularly like the Mama.licious Nira lounge pants and sweat cardigan. It’s a simple tracksuit in a flattering pastel grey colour with a drawstring tie under the bust that adds a bit of shape. Mothercare and Asos maternity also do a selection of loungewear basics – tees and trousers designed for comfort that won’t break the bank either.

Please remember however that when it comes to maternity loungewear, you want to keep the look for pottering around the house or walking the dogs. Natalie Potman might be a fan of the tracksuit but she knows that it is not suitable for all occasions. You want to be a yummy mummy, not a slummy mummy.

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