Stylish maternity coat from Clark and Grey

18 May

308 Coat in Grey

I have been looking for a nice lightweight maternity coat since becoming pregnant and have not been able to find anything that i like enough to bother purchasing. Everything i find is either too bland, too frumpy or just plain boring! It is so dissapointing going into the shops and seeing all these lovely coats, jackets and blazers, designed from the latest catwalk looks, knowing that i simply cannot wear them with a big bump! Why can’t the maternity wear designers cater for us pregnant ladies aswell!? OK so some brands do the odd coat, but a choice of one design is not really a choice.

So as you can imagine when i was introduced to the Clark and Grey 308 maternity coat i was thrilled! Atlast a stylish maternity coat that i can wear as part of my look, not just for the practicality of keeping warm. As well as looking good the 308 is designed with a function in mind. The coat has a combination of zips and removable panels that grow with you, so as your bump expands so can your coat, genius! This also means that you can wear the coat when you are not pregnant, simply zip out the extra panels and you have a more slimlined version that fits your more slimlined shilohette! 

The designer and owner of the brand, Thea Grey, kindly send me a sample of her latest summer version which is a lightweight linen version based around the signature 308 design. I have been wearing the coat pretty much every day, it is perfect for this unpredicatable English weather, not too hot when the sun is out and warm enough when the temperature decides to drop. Please note that you can also get a winter version and there are a choice of colours, Navy, Black and Beige.

If you would like to read more about the brand and find out where to purchase just visit the website The 308 coat is the first creation from this new design outfit, and i very much doubt it will be the last! I highly recommend this coat, definately an investment piece for your yummy mummy maternity wardrobe.

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