pregnancy nails, why not?

23 Jun

I think it is really important to make time for yourself and allow a little bit of pampering at least a few times a month, this is even more so the case in pregnancy. Hormones and weight gain can get you down so its really important to do things that boost your mood and make you feel fabulous, even if it’s only a little bit. One simple way to achieve this is to have your nails done!

For the past few years i have made it compulsory that i keep to my regular twice monthly Jessica manicure appointment at my local salon. I have ‘silk wraps’ which allow my nails to grow and breath but make them extra strong and last for two weeks. Such a simple thing like having your nails done really does make a difference. You can be dressed in boring maternity leggings and a top but having a nice colour on your nails really makes your outfit  look that little bit more stylish.

Hot colours this season are pastels and neon brights, so there is something for everyone whether you want to stand out or be a little more subtle. My favourite colour to have is probably a nice bright red, it always looks so smart and classic, also goes with pretty much everything. I do of course some weeks go for a fashion colour, for example Jessica’s ‘Mellow Yellow’ or ‘Summer of Love’, but i do find you get fed up with it more quickly. Of course its up to you! If you prefer more subtle colours i recommend ‘Classic Beauty’ which is a lovely red, or ‘Bikini Bottoms’ which is a nice bright pink.

Remember you can also buy Jessica nail colour over the counter if you can’t get to the salon, or fancy a change in between appointments. It’s always good to have a few colours in your bathroom cabinet for emergencies. Jessica is probably one of the best nail care brands out there, they specialise in nail and hand care exclusively. The colours really last and don’t chip after just a few hours!

Some people are a bit snotty about having beauty treatments in pregnancy as they think it can harm the baby. I have read the pros and cons and came to my own decision that in moderation there is no reason why not to.  You can still dye your hair or go for your regular mani-pedi no problem, as long as it’s a reputable salon that uses good quality products and the staff know what they are doing. I would stay clear on those cheap Chinese places, they all wear masks for a reason!

There are also lots of natural and organic treatments available if you are still worried. For example Jessica do a Bio Gel manicure that is simple an organic gel, like a nail varnish that is painted over your own nails making them that extra bit stronger. There are lots of different colours to choose from and each manicure lasts for 3 weeks which is great.

When i have my baby i will make sure that i keep up my beauty regime, i do not believe that having a little one means you cannot dedicate an hour or two a week to yourself. I think that it is so important to not let motherhood change who you are or how you rate yourself. Of course your life will change but you still need to keep your identity and make time for things that make you feel great. We can all be yummy mummies there is no excuse!  And a happy yummy mummy makes for a happy baby!

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  1. charlee June 30, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Amen to that! I’m doing my nails as I read while lil man sleeps. And have monthly pedicures, booked in advance at the previous appointment! It guaruntee’s for a happy mummy (if a slightly unhappier bank account ;)

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