Babymel Amanda printed changing bag

21 Jul

Babymel Amanda Red printed changing bag £49.95

If you know me you will know that i am a real bag person. Some people are shoes (don’t get me wrong i love shoes too) but if i had to choose it would be an amazing bag over an amazing pair of shoes any day. So bearing this in mind when i became pregnant i suddenly thought, ‘oh no i won’t be able to carry my Mulberry Alexa!’ (a Christmas present from my fiance – top marks for that!!) There is no way i am packing my pride and joy full of nappies and Sodocrem!

I thought perhaps i could carry two bags, my own handbag as well as a changing bag?  But i soon realised that the practicalities of that are non existent, leaving the house requires a lot of organisation and a lot of stuff! Adding to this with two bags is just stupid!

Enter the designer changing bag. There are several brands out there that offer a yummy mummy the chance to carry a fashionable and stylish changing bag that you will be proud to hang from you Bugaboo and not feel like you are slumming it in the changing bags stakes. One such brand is Babymel. Sister to the famous Storksak changing bags, as seen on the shoulders of Brand Pitt and Angelina Jolie no less, Babymel offer stylish bags that are practical and fun.

I was sent a Babymel Printed Amanda in Red to see what all the hype is about and i have to say i was very impressed. The size of the bag is ample, made with wipe clean internal and external material. This is great for those inevitable spillages and also gives peace of mind in terms of hygiene. Inside Amanda there are several different pockets and compartments for nappies, spare clothes, muslins and all the other bits you seem to need for a baby! There is also an insulated pocket for a bottle and a separate changing mat which is a must!

BabyMel offer slightly cheaper styles and designs to Storksak allowing mummies (and daddies) to get in on the designer changing bag trend without spending an arm and a leg. They are, i would say, a middle of the range bag, so not the free-bee Boots parenting club option and not the more pricey leather designs that are offered by Storksak, or similar brands like Koochu and Sugar Jack. What i also like about my Babymel is that it is not too fluffy or girly, so my man will happily carry it as well. This is helped by the fact that my bag is the red version!

I have to say, as a bag person, i do actually have more than one changing bag so i can chop and change depending on the occasion and my look that day! You might think this is a bit ridiculous, perhaps it is. But i have more than one regular handbag so why not have more than one changing bag, after all i am using it everyday! My Babymel comes under my summer casual style, it’s great to use for picnics and sunny days out walking the dog. On such occasions a lot of other mums have commented and i have referred several to the Babymel website.

When i want a more glamorous, fashion led changing bag, say if i am heading up to Knightsbridge or out to lunch with the girls, i bring out my real designer number. I will tell you all about this one later…

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