Tiny trump: baby Arabella Rose

21 Jul

The Trump’s welcomed a new addition to the family on July the 17th; beautiful baby Arabella Rose (an equally beautiful name)! The latest tiny Trump was safely cradled by her mother Ivanka as she left the hospital and was escorted to their Manhattan home with the help of a bodyguard and husband Jared Kushner.

Ivanka looked tired and protective of her little bundle dressed in a flowing blue maxi dress and over sized sunglasses, no doubt hiding her tired eyes, the trademark of any new parent! We wish the new family well and i hope they are settling into their new life and adjusting to the lack of sleep, trust me that is probably the hardest thing to adjust to! If i get more than 5 hours i feel like i could take on the world!

PS how amazing does Ivanka look, i can’t see any hint of a baby bump! Perhaps a bit suspicious seeing as she gave birth 6 days ago!? Tummy tuck maybe?  Or is that just being skeptical and a little jealous?

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