My Breastfeeding essentials

25 Jul

So my little one is now just over three weeks old and i feel pretty much in the swing of things now. I have adjusted to the lack of sleep, maximum so far is 4.5hrs in one go, am a master at changing, dressing, playing, multi-tasking and most importantly feeding. In my case breastfeeding.

Of course if you can do it, breastfeeding is best for your baby, and for you actually. My baby bump has pretty much disappeared after just three weeks, breastfeeding makes your uterus contract back super quick! Now all i need is a bit of toning up and by the time i go on my holiday next month i should be bikini ready, fingers crossed! It is also really easy to breastfeed as you do not need to worry about bottles, sterilisers or formula. Simply get your boob out and away you go, sorry to make it sound so glamorous! Oh and it is also free! There are lots of nursing clothes out there that make breastfeeding in public extremely discreet as well as special feeding scarves, i myself have the Mamascarf and it’s fab. I just wear it as a normal scarf until it is needed. There are several different patterns and designs which means you can wear it as a fashion item as well, great idea!

The Mamascarf is essential number one and next on the list is my DreamGenii breastfeeding pillow. Feeding can be time consuming, every 2-3 hours for a new baby and so you need to be as comfortable as possible. I have my DreamGenii in the nursery in my nursing chair and wrap it around my body so Annabella can rest on top, a life saver for my arms!



My last feeding essential is Lansinoh nipple cream. If you have breastfed you will know that it takes about a week for you and baby to get the hang of it, and for the soreness to go away (i think a little soreness is always going to be inevitable no matter what some people say). To help with this it is definitely worth getting a special cream. I tried a few brands,the Avent one and Mothercare’s own, until i came across Lansinoh. Lansinoh is by far the best! After just a couple of applications the soreness disappeared, it really was that miraculous! If you make sure you use it after every feed (its 100% natural so you don’t need to worry about washing it off)  you will be amazed at the results. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth the money.




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2 Responses to “My Breastfeeding essentials”

  1. JO DURGAN July 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    I agree!! That nipple cream is by far the best- my Avent one has been put aside for emergencys now- plus I LOVE my dream geni pillow- kept me comfy during the restless pregnant nights- and now helps with my sleepless feeding nights! :)

    • jessicalouiseclark August 8, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

      Definately a life saver cream! DreamGenni pillows are a must too! reckon i will still use mine even when i finish breastfeeding, as a comfy pillow in bed!

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