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27 Jul


As a breastfeeding mother you might think that i have no need for bottles, well think again.  Bottles are still an essential bit of baby kit required if you want to express your milk. Sometimes expressing is essential, perhaps if you want to go out and leave your little one with a babysitter, or if you want to get all dressed up in your favourite dress and need to have a bottle to hand as that designer piece simply does not accommodate breastfeeding! It is also a nice way to allow daddy to have a go at feeding your little one.

Bearing this in mind i brought myself an electric breast pump from Avent along with a steriliser and some bottles, all ready for when i give pumping a go! I logically brought the Avent bottles to go with my pump, Avent being recommended to me by a friend as one of the best brands out there. I was then contacted by Yoomi who sent me some bottles to test. I had not heard of Yoomi before and was really interested to see what they had to offer us mummies. Well i have to say what they do offer is magical!

If you have not heard of Yoomi before either, they are a brand of self warming baby bottles that have been developed to make life so much easier. Yoomi bottles are a bottle and warmer in one! Yoomi warms babies feed to the natural temperature of breast milk at the touch of a button. This obviously works for both formula and expressed breast milk that has been chilled in the fridge. To charge your Yoomi simply place the warmer in a pan of water (or steam steriliser) and boil for 25 minutes. Once charged, your warmer stays charged and is ready to use whenever you need it. At the touch of a button within 60 seconds your milk has been warmed, genius!

Unfortunately Yoomi do not do a pump as their product seems to be aimed more at the formula feeding mothers. However i will just pump with my Avent and then transfer the milk into Yoomi as and when it is needed. Pretty simple really. So when i am out for lunch and Annabella is hungry and it’s not really appropriate to breastfeed i get out Yoomi, push the button and hey presto we are good to go. No more need to pester the waiter to warm up my bottle!

I challenge any of you not to think Yoomi self warming bottles are not a revolutionary idea!? Anything that makes my life that bit easier is always worth shouting about.

Yoomi is available in a number of different stores and online including Mothercare. They have several different sized bottles and have just introduced a new 8oz size for the extra hungry little monsters!

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