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Selma Blair city chic

18 Jul


Almost 2 weeks overdue, Selma Blair is still looking her trademark relaxed and maternity stylish as she gets in some dog walking time in preparation for the arrival (any day) of her little one. She has obviously been keeping fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy as she appears to be all bump. I absolutely love her outfit here, she looks so city chic in an understated and effortless way. If you are like me and want to get a similar look here is my inspiration. A floaty loose white tunic top with skinny jeans and whit ... Read More

Pregnancy tooth care – Aquafresh ultimate

15 Jul

During pregnancy dental hygiene is extremely important as the increased hormones surging through your body cause your teeth and gums to become more sensitive and prone to gum disease. Do you notice that your gums bleed a lot more easily than before? Well this is why.

If you are like me you are neurotic about your teeth and want them to look as perfect and as white as possible, and you will try anything to make this happen. I even had a brace fitted (train tracks no less!) for a year last year, that is just how determined i am to have as nice a teeth as possible. So when i noti ... Read More

Yummy daddy, Colin Farrell

15 Jul

Happy Friday girls. Here is a lovely image of Colin Farrell and his cute son captured on the set of his new film Total Recall in Toronto earlier this week. The 35 year old is looking pretty hot if i do say so myself, forget yummy mummy this is a true yummy daddy if ever i saw one. He looks smitten with his little boy as he carries him around showing him off to the crew and fellow cast. Images like this really do melt your heart don't they!? ... Read More

If money is no object – Baby clothes from Harrods

14 Jul

Burberry baby girl skirt  £72.95
If you are one of the lucky yummy mummies who has an unlimited amount of funds to splash out on designer baby clothes for your little bundle then look no further than Harrods! They have a range of different baby boy and baby girl clothes, from Christian Dior dresses to Burberry check jeans! Here are some of my favorites that i have picked out from their online collection.

There is obviously no need to dress you baby in designer but if you fancy treating him or her to something special then i am sure you will find it here! Perhaps you have an important party or wedding and yo ... Read More

Danielle Lloyd gives birth 10 weeks early

13 Jul

Can you believe it!? Just as i finished my story on Danielle Lloyd's baby bump pictures for Closer magazine, her fiance Jamie O'Hara tweets the news that she has given birth this morning, ten weeks early! The new baby boy weighs in at just 4Lbs 4oz but both mother and baby appear to be OK. Jamie stated that 'the hospital are looking after them'. I hope that everything is going well and they will be allowed home as soon as possible. It is such a miracle what Dr's and medicine can do these days for premature babies, so no doubt the new addition will be tip top in no time! Looks like Danielle wil ... Read More

Danielle Lloyd bares her bump

13 Jul


With just ten weeks to go until the birth of her second child, Danielle Lloyd has stripped for then cameras in a Demi Moore style shoot that shows off her burgeoning baby bump to perfection. The article and images appear in this weeks closer magazine where Danielle reveals all about her pregnancy and plans for the future.

Danielle has always been refreshingly open about her figure and pregnancy weight gain. She stated that in her first pregnancy with son Archie she gained nearly three stone, just goes to show celebs are just normal people too then! T ... Read More

The Beckham’s welcome baby Harper Seven to the world

11 Jul

David and Victoria Beckham have finally announced the birth of their baby girl, Harlow Seven! She was born by elective cesarean at 7.55am yesterday morning weighing in at a healthy 7Lbs 100z. Proud father David shared their happy news with the world via Twitter stating 'Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister xx'

Not breaking with tradition the high profile celebrity couple have chosen another unconventional name for their long awaited daughter. It is thought that the middle name Seven is with reference to David's luckY football num ... Read More

Mumzy Not breastfeeding, Nursing Vests and Tops

7 Jul

Milkbug nursing camisole £29.99
So i have now had my beautiful baby girl and after just over a week have successfully mastered the art of breastfeeding. I feel pretty relaxed and comfortable about it all and no longer have any pain or niggles that initially comes with the breastfeeding territory. I have to say i am still not used to the on demand feeding schedule, but that will come in time!

I have yet to venture out with baby for more than a couple of hours so that i do not have to feed, but i am now getting to the point where i will need to bite the bullet. Before i can do this i need to invest in some bre ... Read More

Claudia Winkleman baby boy joy

7 Jul

Congratulations to fellow yummy mummy Claudia Winkleman and her husband Kris Thykier on the birth of a baby boy! Claudia gave birth to the as yet un-named little boy last night, both mummy and baby are doing great. ... Read More

Introducing Annabella Lilian Portway

5 Jul

photo (5)
I am so excited to finally announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Annabella Lilian Portway, born on the 28th June at 8.28pm. She weighed 6Ibs14 and measured 48cm. As you can see she is absolutely gorgeous and a little angel! (apart from when she does not go to sleep until four in the morning!) ... Read More
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