Kurtis Baby Peace

25 Aug

I saw this product at the last Babyshow and i just though it looked really quite cool. Being initially drawn simply by the look of the product i was intrigued to find out more and so went to investigate the stand. I soon found out that Baby Peace Kurtis is not just a looker it also has a really important function and i later discovered that i could not be without mine!

Baby Peace is a 100% organic protective curtain that is easily attachable to any pram or carseat shielding your baby from the sun and wind. It creates a warm and cosey environment for your little one to relax and happily sleep without being effected by the elements. Baby Peace Protects from 99.5% UVA and 99.7% UVB sun radiation and is 100% environmentally friendly which adds further to its appeal and function. It also looks great, obviously not foremost when you are looking to purchase a sun and wind shield, but it does help if you are like me and drawn to all things stylish.

So after cooing over the Baby Peace i was given one to test out and boy do i love it! As soon as Annabella was born i used my curtain everywhere i went. It is now a permanent fixture on my Bugaboo. I recently went up to Suffolk to visit my parents and left my Pink Kurtis behind, and i was completely lost without it! My mum had to send it down ASAP! In the interim i had to use a normal blanket to cover the pram but this was such a pain, always blowing off! I would totally recommend this to everyone, 100%.

Baby Peace Kurtis Embrace £29


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