Chicco bottles – Step up 1

12 Sep

Chicco Newborn bottle - step up 1

I Have just got back from a lovely holiday in Italy and there are so many things that i discovered and just have to share with you! One of the first things, and what i think is amazing, is this new bottle from the Italian make Chicco!

Whilst shopping with my mother in law we came across the Chicco store and obviously went in for a browse. I have heard of this make before but only seen some of their products in the likes of Mothercare or online at Kiddicare. Most of the Chicco products in the UK i have seen are either toys or prams and highchairs, i never really knew that they were a massive brand that had a complete baby product range also including clothes and bottles.

The Chicco bottles were the one product that stood out to us, as the day before i had expressed a bottle so that James and I could go out on our own. However after half an hour we had to rush back as Annabella would not take the bottle and was getting very distressed!. We were dying to have a night out on our own and so thought that perhaps we should try a different bottle. Now i have several brands of bottle and usually Annabella on occasion will take her milk from daddy after a struggle and if she is hungry enough, but for some reason she was not playing ball whatsoever with her grandparents. The shop assistant showed us the new Chicco newborn Step 1 bottle, that apparently is the closest thing to breastfeeding you can get with a bottle. So of course we had to give it a try.

Surprisingly, and to our joy, the bottle worked a treat. Annabella took it straight away and finished the whole 4 ounces and we got our night out undisturbed! As a result i came home with several of these ‘miracle’ bottles and they are now making my life so much easier! I really do recommend them if your little one is fussy with a bottle, breastfeeding or not. They do several different sizes from step up 1 – 3 depending on your babies age and of course they are anti colic and BPA free. They are the only angled teat bottles that are designed to keep the babies neck in the right position and the ringed teat helps to stimulate the mothers nipple and keep the babies tongue in the correct position as if they were breastfeeding. I have done a quick search online to see where you can purchase your own, but unfortunately i cannot seem to get one from the UK, except on ebay! However if you, or someone you know, is travelling to Italy soon make sure you stock up! If not watch this space as i am sure they will land here very soon!!

If you do see them here in the UK or have already purchased one please do let us know!!

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