A maternity blazer like Beyonce

24 Oct

When i was pregnant i searched high and low for a stylish maternity blazer and could not find one anywhere that was not part of some bland maternity suit. I love blazers and had about 10 different ones in my wardrobe all different colours and styles, but none covered my pregnant body correctly. I just love the masculine look a blazer gives  your outfit whether it be skinny jeans or a cute little skirt, and i wanted to get that same look sporting my baby bump.

Unfortunately for me i had to forgo the maternity blazer but if you are pregnant at the moment and looking for one then look no further than Isabella Oliver maternity, they have a fab everyday blazer as part of their new collection that will go with everything. You can then look just like Beyonce as pictured above. She is hiding her bump under a dress and blazer combo and looks amazing, she is no way going to let a bump get in the way of her style!

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