Bicester Village – I need to go!!

24 Oct

I went to Bicester Village a good few years ago when it was a lot smaller and i was a lot younger so did not appreciate it so much. I do remember at the time that it was pretty cool though, lots of designer brands at discounted prices. My friend then went there the other day and she has told me that i just have to go!! The village has obviously grown over the years as it is now home to the likes of Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Temperly, Cavalli, Matthew Williamson, the list goes on and on and is very exciting! She also told me that she picked up some fabulous Little White Company and Ralph Lauren baby clothes for her daughter, prices from around £4! She also saw the Jimmy Choo for Hunter wellies that she knows i would die for, and they are half price! There will be lots of beautiful things for us yummy mummy’s to purchase and at a fraction of the usual cost. This is great news and allows for guilt free shopping. No doubt there will be fab maternity attire too girls!

So basically i am off to Biscester Village the first chance i get. It is situated in Oxfordshire so i think i will plan a family day out Christmas shopping, what a lovely idea. I just need to persuade my fiance of the same thing!

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