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Yummy mummies Rachel Zoe and Selma Blair

10 Oct

What a perfect event to show off new babies and fabulous yummy mummy figures for two of the latest celebrity mummies! The Veuve Clicquot Polo in LA was attended by Rachel Zoe and friend Selma Blair today along with both their beautiful baby boys. Both ladies looked fabulous dressed perfectly for the occasion in contrasting black and white outfits, and of course both babies were dressed equally as well!

Rachel's son Skylar was dressed in a white dungarees set with a straw hat and Tod's booties to match his mummies white strapless maxi dress. Selma's tot Arthur was a little more ... Read More

maternity boots

7 Oct

Topshop POMM Chelsea patent boots £100
I love boots! Since being pregnant i have only worn heels once or twice and i have really learnt to love my flats.  So now Winter is here i can go mad for boots! Knee high, ankle, leather and suede there are so many fabulous styles out there i have a fit ever time i visit the shoe department in search of a new pair!

Last year i brought some amazing leather fur lined ankle wedge boots in the sale and i cannot wait to wear them. I also have my favorite pair of black flat leather knee high boots that i have worn to death. They go with everything, skirts or skinny jeans so a good ... Read More


5 Oct

Gentle Giraffe £28.50
The second night we brought newborn A home from the hospital she was particularly upset and unsettled. She had been fed, changed and burped but just did not want to stop crying or be put down. A friend of ours, also with a new born, had told us how amazing white noise was at settling their little one, so we downloaded an app to our iphone straightaway. Within minutes A was fast asleep! (it really was that miraculous.)

However, using an iphone app is not particularly satisfactory with a little baby, even if the phone is on aeroplane mode I did not like the thought of it close t ... Read More

Loosing the baby weight (with the help of Baby Bjorn)

3 Oct

I have had a lot of comments and questions from my followers as to how i have managed to loose my baby weight and get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans after just three months. I know a lot of mummies are in dispair of their figure after having a baby and any tips or advice are welcomed. So i wanted to share my thoughts on the matter and see if i could help all mummies to feel a little bit yummier, without much effort, really....

Now i was quite lucky that during my pregnancy i did not put on too much excess weight, and if i'm honest i think this is key to getting back to your pr ... Read More
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