9 Jan

At six months A is now eating solid foods which means it is now time to invest in a highchair. I have been putting this off for as long as possible as I am not a big fan of highchairs, mainly because most of them are big, bulky and plastic. This is fair enough if you have lots of space and can keep yours out of sight, but our house is pretty much open plan. A highchair is always going to be on display, and more than likely in the way.

So, I need a highchair that looks nice, is not too big and can be easily folded to the cupboard under the stairs. I have been looking around for the past week, both in the shops and on the internet, but had not found anything I was 100% sure on. Mamas and Papas and Mothercare have quite a big range but they are all pretty bulky, basic and in my opinion ugly.

I have also been recommended the likes of Phil and Ted’s ‘me too’ chair, that clips onto the table and is easily detachable. For me this is not ideal. Although it is nice having them sit up at the table with you I prefer the idea of having a separate chair with its own tray, that will contain mess and allow easier cleaning. They can still sit at the table with the family in a separate highchair, it just makes life easier. Especially if you are practising baby-led weaning.

I was also recommended the Stokke highchair. Initially I thought this might be ‘the one’, It looks really stylish and matches our dining table and chairs perfectly, in the natural wood style. Having only seen it on the internet I was keen to see it in-store. It’s not cheap and I wanted to get this highchair right first time. At first glance I was impressed. It’s a well designed and for the most part un-offensive meaning I wouldn’t need to hide it away. But, for me, their are two main faults – it does not fold away without taking it apart and to adjust the height of the chair requires screws. Not very practical with a small child when you want to do things quickly and easily. Another big qualm with the Stokke is that you buy the chair and then have to purchase the separate seat. This makes is close to £200 once you have finished getting everything you need- attachments and covers bla bla bla. Well if the chair is the perfect fit for you then I would say go for it. I decided this was too much to pay for a highchair that does not fit enough of my criteria.

Then I was introduced to the Baby Bjorn Appetite. As if often the case, a fellow mum mentioned how great it was, interestingly whilst I was in the shop looking at the Stokke. She said she had the Stokke already but has recently purchased the Baby Bjorn. She loves it, ‘much better!’ I had not head of this chair before, to me the Baby Bjorn is the baby carrier. (In my opinion the best baby carrier on the market by the way.) So when I got home I gave it a quick google and instantly loved what I saw.

The Baby Bjorn Appetite is a chic looking chair. It’s not too big and has a fabulous design that requires no harnesses, whilst still remaining 100% safe. (A very large positive as I hate harnesses. They are fussy and annoying for both me and baby. They never seem to fit right?!). You can position the tray to fit your baby snugly and prevent any slipping or wobbling when they are still small. It also folds quickly and easily if you do need to get it out of the way. Lastly, the tray is removable so you can just throw it in the dishwasher – Another great feature.

The Appetite lasts from 6 months up to 3 years which is real longevity.  The only negative with this highchair is the fact that it’s plastic. But in hindsight I don’t really think this is a valid negative? The modern white and black design actually looks pretty smart.

This is not the cheapest option highchair, but I promise you won’t regret it. It will last for all your babies…. You will find one here.


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