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Lilly Allen baby girl, and the name is…..

5 Jan

Lilly Allen gave birth to a baby girl some five weeks ago, and until now she has managed to keep the name firmly under wraps. It has now however been announced that she named her daughter Ethel Mary. The name had allegedly been leaked through the social networking site Facebook via her mothers account. Not sure therefore if this is correct information or not but either way, cute name. I hope mummy and baby are doing well and enjoying time as a new little family. ... Read More

Maternity wear sales

4 Jan

See by Chloe cuff trousers from Blossom Now £104.50
It only seems like yesterday that i was getting excited about the sales, but we are at that time of year again and there are lots of bargains to be had!

Maternity fashion has really started to up its game over the last few seasons are there is definitely a lot more choice out there for women to be able to enjoy and embrace their new pregnant figures. And as always Mumzynot is here to help!

I have had a good old shop around to find you some of the best maternity wear bargains, some pieces i recommend as staple must haves, and some are real treats to make you feel ... Read More
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