Il Tutto Nico in Navy

3 Feb

As a bag girl I have a collection of changing bags – my philosophy is that you can never have too many bags, and the same goes with baby bags! I am now the proud owner of an Il Tutto Nico, and can safely say i am in love!

My Navy Nico (with the NEW white and blue printed lining) arrived last week, kindly sent from Il Tutto’s PR company to review.  Ihave been using it every day since.  I love big bags and i think this is a necessity when it comes to a changing bag. With a baby there is so much stuff that you cannot leave the house without, even more so now i am weaning Annabella – bottles, milk, wipes, nappies, bibs, food pouches and pots, spoons, beakers, the list goes on and on.

Nico is great, firstly because it is a structured bag that does not slouch or loose its shape. Finding what you need is quick and easy. There are an abundance of zip pockets and compartments both internally and externally meaning you can keep everything organised and in place. I can zip away my keys and wallet safely and know where they are, while at the same time contain all Annabella’s bits in specific places, so they do not become just one big jumble at the bottom of the bag. Secondly, Nico comes with all the necessary extra’s, as do most changing bags granted, but in this instance Il Tutto have gone the extra mile. The changing mat for example is extra padded and folds out larger than most so will function once baby gets bigger. It is also made from a oil cloth waterproof type material so you can wipe it clean and not worry that it will stain after just one use. The bottle warmer is a lot more structured than most, with a zip closure rather than drawstring which means the bottles will be kept warmer for longer.

One of my other favorite things about Nico is the first impression it gives. Nico looks super stylish and super fashionable, it compliments pretty much any outfit, which for me is a must. A changing bag does not need to look like a changing bag! Il Tutto have emphasised on their philosophy that a baby bag is a fashion item and as a mother you want to continue to look good. What is great is that they have designed a fabulous bag that just so happens to have a function. Once you are done with Nico as a changing bag, you can remove the lining and keep it as a handbag. Although i have to say you don’t even need to remove the lining as the white spot print pattern i think it actually pretty stylish as it is! (polka dots are very in at the moment!). NB Nico would also double as an overnight bag, with or without baby.

Il Tutto are a higher end changing bag brand from Italy so as you can imagine they are not the cheapest on the market, Nico comes in at £149.  But as with everything you get what you pay for. If you are like me and you want a baby bag that is for you, and that will last for years to come, then it is definitely worth the investment! Your changing bag will become part of your mind, body and soul once you have a baby, so think wisely when you are deciding which to go for! I have to point out here also, how many times have you brought a cheaper alternative only to be disappointed and have to buy something else anyway!? You end up spending more than you would have if you had just gone for the better version in the first place, right!?

PS If you don’t like Il Tutto’s Nico in Navy it also comes in Black or Nude. (Nude would be great for Summer!) They are also introducing Nico in Red and Cherry this month! Or, if you would just prefer a different style but like the idea of Il Tutto changing bags, then have a look on their website as there are lots to choose from!


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