Baby Joules luxury nursery collection

17 Feb

I am now the proud owner of some gorgeous little bits from the new Baby Joules nursery collection! I was recently sent a box of goodies that included a sleeping bag, my fantastic first friends comforter and ‘Larry the lamb’ teddy. Plus a super luxurious pram blanket. All of which are devine!

Firstly i have to emphasise the quality of each product. The sleeping bag is like a duvet. I have a few sleeping bags for Annabella and not of them compares to my new Baby Joules in terms of comfort and thickness. During the recent cold weather i have felt the need for an additional blanket, even with the 2.5 tog winter bags it has just been too cold!  But with the Baby Joules this is really not necessary. Great peace of mind if you have a baby like mine that does not like to sleep still, or be restricted by a blanket! Each morning she is now warm and snuggly, wriggling around contented. Also what is good to know is that the softness is not lost with washing. Some baby sleeping bags become stiff and loose that plush feeling after a wash. This is not what you want for something that is in constant use and thus requires constant washing. What is also good to know is that the sizing is very generous. We have the 6-12 months and at seven months there is more than enough room to grow!

Next the comforter. Annabella loves to suck her thumb. Before a nap or bedtime as soon as she is placed in her cot and handed her comforter she puts her thumb in and soothes herself off to sleep. If i am honest she loves all her comforters (she has LuLu bunny from the Little White Company) but her new Baby Joules Winnie the Horse is an additional hit, and seems to works it’s magic just as well. There is also an added extra with the Joules comforters, something i have not seen before; two different textured sides, one silky and one soft. The silky side is really plush and feels gorgeous against the skin. What i also love about them is that they have a lot more character than most on the market and so double up as entertaining teddies. They are great for boys too with more masculine appeal in the form of a frog or a horse. Just great if you are not really into your standard blue for boy, pink for girl. There are matching teddies to go with each comforter all of which are equally as cute and would make a lovely gift item. Or simply start a collection!?

Winnie the horse

Francis the Frog

The pram blanket is fabulous too. Really soft and knitted to exceptional quality, again washes brilliantly. I think it is important not to get carried away with purchasing lots of blankets and sheets (in fact any new baby or nursery item).  Instead just invest in one that is great quality. You will find that you only ever use your favorite, this is usually the nicest one that no doubt cost a little bit more. It goes perectly with my Bugaboo in the sand colourway too! A yummy mummy loves to match!

Baby Joules knitted pram blanket

So all in all a big thumbs up to the new Baby Joules nursery collection! I love all the little bits on offer; comforters, first friends, bedding sets, moses baskets, mobiles, sleeping bags and blankets. All of which are the necessary extras that will make your nursery that little bit different, and that little bit extra special.


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