My fashionista mummy, mothers day treat (wish list)

14 Mar

Alexander McQueen skull print scarf £165

Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Souffle Body Creme £43

Pretty Ballerinas from £90

OK, I know Mothers day is not about giving gifts, it is about family and spending time with each other. But still, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?!

So here is my mothers day wish list, from a fashionista mummies perspective. Most items are probably a little extravagant. But in my defense it is my very first Mothers day, and I am very excited! N.B that excitement still stands even if on the day I only get a card. I have my gorgeous baby girl, that is all the I really care about! I just like to have a bit of fun, and a girl can dream.

So, back to those gorgeous gifts that would make my day:

Alexander McQueen Skull print scarf. This would just make any outfit look fabulously fashionable, and would be worn to death! Suitable with or without bump.

Laura Mercier Body Souffle. This super luxurious body moisturiser really is like caviar for the skin. I currently have a pot but it is running out and I would love a replacement. Please note it may seem a little expensive for a body cream, but it lasts forever and smells absolutely devine. Also comes in Fig.

Some Pretty Ballerinas, any style. Every fashion savvy mum needs a pair of Pretty Ballerinas. They are great to wear with a bump too, so this makes them extra versatile! Pretty Ballerinas can be worn with pretty much anything and will make your basic jeans and T combo look anything but basic. There are so many different styles and colours I cannot just choose one favorite, so i suggest you choose your own.

Anya Hindmarch vanity case.  As with all the items on my mothers day wish list, this designer vanity case is something that I would never buy myself, but I would love to receive. I have always wanted a ‘Sex in the City’ style vanity case that is big enough for all my toiletries to travel in style.

Dolce and Gabbanna I Phone case. A designer mobile phone case, need i say more really!?

Anya Hindmarch patent trimmed vanity case £225

Dolce and Gabanna Lace PVC coated I phone 4 case £140




One Response to “My fashionista mummy, mothers day treat (wish list)”

  1. Norma Barrell March 14, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Love that scarf….and the iPhone cover! (no chance!!!)

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