Shocked Nicola McLean 6 weeks pregnant!!

28 Mar

The Celebrity Big brother star, Nicola McLean, and her footballer husband, Tom Williams, have just announced that they are expecting baby mumber three! Nicola is just six weeks pregnant and was said to be extremely shocked at the news! Just a few days previously she was pictured on a rather drunken night out, but claims that she did not know there was another baby on the way at the time. She told OK! Magazine: ’I wasn’t being irresponsible. I didn’t know I was pregnant – now I do, there’s no way I’ll drink.’

Nicola, 30, did not think that she would be able to get pregnant again after suffering from a serious eating disorder. Her periods had stopped and logically she believed that she had lost any chance of adding to her family. At her worst Nicola weighed just six and a half stone and wore clothing for eight to nine year olds! ‘After all the craziness, I was so worried about the internal damage I had done.’
Thankfully Nicola’s periods started again, she knew she was beginning to get better. The icing on the cake is now this happy news of another baby! Nicola always wanted ‘a house full’ of children.

Nicola and Tom are hoping for a little sister for their two boys, Striker and Rocky.


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