Vanessa Knox Press Day @Soho House

30 Apr

Annabella and I with all the gorgeous Vanessa Knox collection

Last Thursday Annabella and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Vanessa Knox press day at Soho House. I was very excited to be attending and could not wait to see Vanessa’s new maternity collection. As you know I love her maternity clothes!

As predicted I was not disappointed! Vanessa herself was lovely and I had a good chat with her about the new collection. I learnt all about the Vanessa Knox brand, and how it all started.

After the success of her first label, Isabella Oliver, Vanessa saw a gap in the market for affordable luxary, and so embarked on a new brand of maternity wear. As a former Victoria’s Secret designer Vanessa is an expert in dressing the female figure, she knows how to embrace curves and flatter all shapes and sizes. This is even more import when dressing for pregnancy, and this perhaps is the secret to her great success?! Her maternity designs cleverly use ruching and draping to hug a bump and create a sexy, sophisticated silhouette. Trust me, to wear Vanessa Knox when you are pregnant is a real treat, her clothes really do make you feel like a million dollars (This really is a hard thing to achieve, when most of the time in pregnancy you really do not feel like a million dollars!)

I loved all of her collection, but probably my favorite piece from the day was her Silk print party dress, it’s stunning!!

Silk print party dress

During the day I was also introduced to a number of cool new baby wear brands and a super cute new soft toy collection called ‘Sky Puppy’, which is just about to launch! They are a new London based brand that remind me a bit of Jelly Cats, but are even nicer! They all have cute little outfits which you can take on and off. Annabella was given one of the collection in my goody bag. Mr Hickory Shack Cat. She now loves him so much he has to come everywhere with us. I think we will enjoy collecting all his friends….!

Annabella and her new 'Air Puppy' - Hickory shack Cat

I met some gorgeous other bloggers during the day as well; including Mrs Chic Fantastique, and her cute baby Mariella. Annabella and Mariella had great fun with the PR girls whilst us mummies shopped all the lovely new collections!! I was also introduced to a fab website called Bag Servant, but that is another blog post…

Here are some pictures of some of the gorgeous baby clothes and shoes I was introduced to! (The last pic is super cute so I just had to share it!)

Miniature baby and children's clothing

'Miniature' baby and children's clothing

'Miniature' boys collection

'Cowboy Jack' baby girl pink boots - LOVE these

'Step2wo' baby boys shoes - Also LOVE these!

Annabella and her new friend Mariella (her mummy is the fab blogger Mrs Chic Fantastique)

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