My Luxury Abahna Bubble Bath

20 Jun

I introduced you guys to Abahna a few weeks ago. They are a lovely luxury brand of bath time treats, and I am now one of their biggest fans. (Along with the likes of Elle, You magazine and Country Living). Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive a good bag of products and was super excited to test them out.

Last night I had the most luxurious bath ever experienced.  I soaked in a steaming tub of Frangipani and Orange Blossom bubbles for half an hour and did not want to get out! The soothing essential oils nourished my skin and relieved my aching muscles perfectly. I had just had a sports massage I might add, so my Abahna bath was just the ticket! This morning I hardly ache at all, which is surprising as my masseuse said that I would probably be a bit sore today!? Not sure if this is completely down to Abahna, but it definitely helped!

As well as soothing bubbles, Abahna offer Oils, creams, Eau de Parfum and home scents, including wonderfully smelling candles. All are made with signature essential oils and are 100% natural wherever possible. This makes them perfectly safe to use if you are pregnant. A treat for yourself, or a great gift for a new mum or mum to be!

I received a candle in my goody bag. It just has to sit in my bathroom to fill it will heavenly scent. This is the sign of a good candle, trust me I have tried many a scented candle! Most don’t even smell well they are burning let alone when they are just sitting in a room!

Here is the Abahna philosophy. It sums the brand up and I think owner and founder, Claire Croft has got it absolutely right!

“At Abahna, we believe that a daily bathing ceremony is one of life’s simplest luxuries.
It is a chance to prepare yourself for the day ahead or reflect on the day just gone.

And because we are dedicated to using the finest essential oils and organic natural actives from flowers,

fruits, herbs and trees, you can rely on Abahna to benefit your mind, body and the wider world.”

Claire Croft

If you are like me, a mummy that loves to indulgence and takes every opportunity to do so. (Not as often as I like with a little one!) Or you are pregnant and want a treat to relax and unwind, Abahna is just the ticket.  They certainly give Jo Malone a run for her money, and I love Jo Malone!

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