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15 Aug

Myleene Klass has just launched her very own collection of  little shoes for Start-rite! I was invited to the launch at Westfield last week, but unfortunately I was on my honeymoon! However, I have been sent some exclusive pics from the day, as well as a little bit of info on what her Start-rite collection is all about.

Myleene has been an ambassador for the Start-rite brand since early 2012 and as a mummy herself she knows just how important it is to make sure your little one has the right attitude when it comes to footwear. And as a yummy mummy, she also knows that her little ones footwear has to be stylish.

Lets face it, most girls love shoes whatever their age. Case in point, my daughter is only just one, but she always makes a bee line for my shoes. She loves to rummage through my boxes and toddle around the house clutching as many shoes as she can carry! A Psychologist has identified that babies and toddlers look to their parents for style inspiration from a very young age. So perhaps it is safe to say that in her own way Annabella is already learning about what she likes and dislikes when it comes to shoes style!?

80% of parents surveyed by Start-rite agreed that between the ages of four and six their little ones are at their most expressive. They are keen to experiment with dressing up and exploring different looks. More often that not if left up to them their choice of clothing and footwear would be highly inappropriate! Wellies to the supermarket for example!

By the age of six it is not just parental influence that affects a child. Kids also start looking to external influences such as media and advertising as they embark on their journey in life. It is at this point that Myleene and Start-rite have stepped in.

Speaking about the collaboration Myleene commented: “I want to help develop my own children’s sense of individuality, especially in these early stages; I know it’s a critical time to be nurturing their self-confidence. I created this new range with Start-rite, a brand that parents can trust, to give children a choice of fun and fashionable footwear that supports healthy foot development and stands out from the crowd.

The Start-rite by Myleene Klass AW12 collaboration combines traditional, well-fitting Start-rite styles with a twist of colour, fashion and added personal detail from the celebrity mum. Her shoes are for babies, toddlers and little people right up to the age of nine.

As a mum myself who is just embarking on the ‘proper’ shoe adventure, I have found it really quite hard to find nice stylish footwear for a little one. The only place I could think of was Clarks, and lets face it they don’t have that much choice!? If you have a little boy you are even worse of!! Thankfully Start-rite and Myleene got on the case! It’s a really lovely collection and there are a number of styles that I will definitely be purchasing for Annabella. I especially love Carmen in red patent!

The collection is available now in store and online.

Start Rite Carmen red patent £34



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