The first Umbrella fold buggy that can flip to parent facing – Introducing Petite Star’s ‘Bubble’

23 Aug

Bubble by Petite Star £199

Petite Star have just launched the first ever umbrella fold buggy that flips from forward facing to parent facing in one swift move. What a genius idea!

The new ‘bubble’ is lightweight and stylish and allows your little one to travel about town with ease, either facing you for peace of mind and eye contact, or facing forwards to watch the world go by.

I was recently on the search for a compact umbrella fold buggy to take away on holiday. My Bugaboo is great, but I wanted something lightweight and compact that I could easily fold at the bottom of the airport steps, and not have to be too precious about. The Bugaboo is expensive and I was never that keen to leave it vulnerable in the planes hold.

In the end I went for a Maclaren. After a bit or research and recommendations from fellow mummies this seemed to be the best of the rest. However, the Maclaren does not have the option of having my little one facing me. Annabella is now 14 months old so more often than not she prefers to face outwards and see where she is going. But when she is sleeping I like to have her facing me, it is also less distracting for her and she is more likely to fall asleep quickly!

I also found with the Maclaren, that whilst on holiday, it was really hard to protect her from the sun. The canopy is not that great and a sun umbrella is never perfect. If I had had the ‘bubble’ i could have just flipped her round and she would have been a lot more protected. the same would go for bad weather too, I assume!? I must admit that Petite Star is not a brand that I have heard of before but if I have had it would have been a strong contender for me.

So, to sum things up, Petite Star I think are on to a winner with their new ‘bubble’. I wonder how long it will take for other umbrella fold brands to get in on the action!? Let me know if you decide to go for one? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, do you think it is a necessary and a good idea?!


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One Response to “The first Umbrella fold buggy that can flip to parent facing – Introducing Petite Star’s ‘Bubble’”

  1. Jackie ballesteros June 2, 2014 at 7:43 am #

    I would love to have one, I think it’s a great invention…I like how it folds like an umbrella stroller, as light weight as the chicco liteway and has the capability of facing both outward and towards the parent…..

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