31 Aug

JJ Cole is an iconic American brand, one that I recognise but up until now had never really considered during pregnancy or as a new mum. After being contacted by their UK PR agent I was introduced to a wonderful world of innovative and inspiring products.

JJ Cole collections provide pretty much everything you might need as a parent. From strollers to baby changing bags, bibs to baby bedding. You could quite easily kit out yourself, and your babies nursery, without leaving their website.

I was lucky enough to be send a couple of their products to review. I choose their travel pod set and their Diaper caddy. (I am informed that the diaper caddy was also requested by Sienna Miller!)

I have travelled quite a bit with Annabella and the first thing that caught my eye was their travel pod set. I love bags and since having a baby I have acquired quite a collection of changing bags, I seem to have a bag to match every outfit! However, changing bags are usually big and heavy (this is a necessity I might add as with a baby comes lots of essentials that you cannot leave the house without) but when you are travelling, especially on airlines such as Ryan Air, you have to be selective with your luggage. A wheely bag and a big changing bag are not usually allowed! This is where the JJ Cole travel pod steps in. You can carry the real essentials; bottle warmer, changing mat and diaper pouch within your own hand luggage without having to worry you will be told you have to reduce your baggage. If that makes sense? The travel pod is cute and compact and extremely practical!

The travel pod set is also great for the beach. Instead of taking two bags – your changing bag and your beach bag – just throw the pod set into your own regular beach tote. You can then chuck in some toys, sun cream and any other bits you need for baby, and for you. The pod set comes with detachable popper straps too, so you can hang each pouch off the handle of your bag or buggy.

The diaper caddy also caught my eye. I have never seen anything like this before but it is a super idea for this simple reason: When you have a new born you are always changing them! I used to go up and down the stairs to Annabella’s nursery at least 10 times a day. All her bits were up there and I liked to keep things neat and tidy. Rather than having nappies and wipes strewn all over the living room I had everything organised up in her nursery. If I had had the diaper caddy, things would have been different. I could have just transferred the pod from upstairs to downstairs during the day, and back again at night. Such a simple idea, such a great idea. Done in a stylish way too.

You can also get matching boxes in the same cute stripe to store other bits in the nursery. In fact there is a whole co-ordinated collection, one for boys and one for girls.

See for yourself and let me know what catches your eye.


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