27 Sep

A few weeks ago I featured the delicious 9London mum and baby beauty range by Emily Evans. Her super stretch mark cream and bust firming lotion – packaged in the most divine little Oushka Doll boxes really caught my eye.

Both creams are available exclusively to Harrods and I could not wait to get my hands on them.

I was lucky enough to be sent Emily’s bust firming lotion to test and I was super excited to do so.

I have tried a number of different stretch mark creams and whilst I was pregnant I religiously applied the latest must have lotion. I paid particular attention to my belly and I am pleased to say I did something right as after A was born it went back to normal. However, I must admit that my breast are not the same. In hindsight I wish I had paid more attention to this area. If I had discovered Emily Evans sooner I most definitely would have. You hear all the horror stories about stretch marks and saggy skin on your stomach after having a baby, but little focus is on the breasts – these too will stretch, and then sag. But with a proper beauty regime I think you can prevent this, to some extent at least. What is great is that it is not too late, even now, 15 months later.

I have been using Emily’s bust firming lotion for about a week now and I really do think it has made a difference. Perhaps it is psychological?  Or perhaps her active ingredients of  centella and borage oil really do help to tone and tighten your bust!? I feel a lot firmer – perhaps not as firm as pre-pregnancy, I think this is pretty much impossible, but firmer and smoother none the less. I had a few little stretch marks that have now totally gone.

I am also using the cream on my bum and thighs! Why not use it to tighten and firm these areas also?

If nothing else the fragrance of this lotion is worth every penny. It is like wearing a whole body firming and moisturising perfume.  Get yours here.


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