20 Nov

A good pair of Maternity Jeans are a must. They need to be comfortable and great quality. If you get the right pair you will find yourself living in them – This means lots of washing! Cheaper brands of denim will simply not cope with numerous trips in the machine – Colour will fade and shape will be lost. You do not need to spend a fortune, but you need to invest well.

Bearing this in mind I would like to recommend Jo Jo Maman Bebe.

I was recently sent a pair of their straight leg maternity jeans for review and was really impressed. The denim feels soft yet strong – just the right amount of stretch for all day comfort. The straight leg cut is a nice alternative to skinnier styles and their is an over bump waist band for those of you that like your maternity jeans to cover your bump.

I lent the jeans out to one of my yummy mummy testers who has been wearing them for a couple of weeks now. She loves them. ‘I just love them. They are really comfy and I can wear them all day without having the need to change into some tracksuit bottoms as soon as I get home. As 6 months pregnant this is a great achievement, as I just want to be comfortable! I have washed them a couple of times and they have retained their shape and still fit me really well. I like the over bump feature – I wasn’t sure about this to begin with as I always thought the style was a bit frumpy, but actually it helps to keep the jeans from falling down – With my under bump styles I am always hoisting them up! I also feel warmer and don’t have that ‘exposed bump’ feeling. I might even be an over-bump convert now! I would definitely recommend Jo Jo Maman to my friends.’

I also wore the Jeans. I am no longer pregnant but I can still test them out, with my ‘fake’ bump – If just for comfort and fit alone. I was an 8-10 during my pregnancy and this size 8 would have fit me right up until the end. Their sizing is roomy yet realistic. They look pretty stylish don’t you think? Even as regular jeans!?

Jo Jo Maman Bebe is definitely a brand worth thinking about then – If you are looking for the perfect Maternity Jean!?


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