25 Jan

If you have a little one and like to travel, you will know how awkward it is trying to negotiate a buggy on top of all your luggage and baby bits.

My husband and I are often faced with the dilhema – Do we check in the Bugaboo, stored safely in it’s travel case, then face lugging an active toddler around the airport? Or keep the buggy so A can sit nicely and be wheeled around, risking the damage that usually occurs in the planes hold. (We have traveled probably half a dozen times since A was born and the Bugaboo is still in one piece – but it is a lot more battered than it perhaps should be!)

Well, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Babyzen have launched a buggy that solves all these problems. The first ever buggy, in the world, to comply with size recommendations for cabin luggage! So what does this mean? This means that travelling with a little one has been revolutionised!

The YOYO, as it has been aptly named, folds to remarkably small proportions, just 52 x 44 x 18 cm. So you can wheel your little one around, right up to the plane, then simply fold your YOYO, using its one of a kind folding mechanism. (Which allows it to be opened and folded in seconds with just one hand).  It can then be carried over your shoulder, with the detachable shoulder strap and slotted safely overhead with your hand luggage. If you don’t believe me, watch this:

Being so lightweight and compact means that the YOYO is also great for city living, especially with a toddler! If the situation arises and you need to talk little one out of the buggy, perhaps on the bus or the train, exactly the same thing applies. This is such a fabulous idea and long overdue.

Unfortunately, the YOYO is only suitable from 6 months. But I would probably not use this as my main stroller anyway. With a newborn I think it is much nicer to have a proper travel system, with a carrycot and easy car seat application. As a second buggy and If you travel frequently, the YOYO seems like it may well be a must-have. It looks pretty cool too, a small resemblance to the Bugaboo Bee perhaps?

I can’t wait to give the YOYO a go, we have lots of trips planned for this year.

I have a feeling these babies will fly off the shelves as soon as they are available, come April. If they even make the shelves that is! Pre-order yours now. Distributed exclusively by Whitestep. RRP £309




One Response to “BABYZEN YOYO”

  1. Anabelle April 6, 2013 at 8:44 pm #

    Hi there- thanks for the review! I am torn between the NJoy Bubble and the Yoyo for a second stroller. Would you say that the NJoy folds easily enough? I love the idea of my little one facing me, but the versatility of the Yoyo is just too good to be true– especially when walking off a plane with a sleeping child on the arm. Thoughts? Thanks in advance Jess.

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