29 Jan

Little A had her first beauty experience recently, on a family trip to Thailand. She was one very proud little toddler after experiencing her very first pedicure! I am not talking toddlers and tiaras, just a little girl that watched her mummy and daddy get a pedicure and wanted to feel grown up too. It was very cute!

If you have a little girl who likes to play dress up, then this new brand of children’s nail colour is perfect! Little BU is non-toxic, water based and washes off – So perfect for children (and toddlers in A’s case!)

Little BU was created by New York beauty publicist, Patricia Dente who recognised that with polished mothers, come polished daughters. And what better way to encourage creativity and beauty awareness than with safe non-harmful products!?

Each Little BU nail colour is named after a preciously chic character. There is Cecila, a pretty sheer pink, or Chloe a more sophisticated mauve. Depending on your daughters mood she can choose her favorite from 8 unique shades. Each bottle comes in a mini me size allowing for easy application for small hands. The little brush is prefect for delicate little fingernails.

See the Little BU collection here and read all about the inspiration behind this chic little beauty brand.




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