31 Jan

All eyes are on Kate Middleton and her maternity wardrobe. We all want to know what she is wearing and now!

Unfortunately her baby bump is still in it’s early stages, so Kate has yet to graduate into full blown maternity wear. However, I like to think that I could style her into the maternity fashionista she is sure to become. For red carpet and high-profile events Kate will look to her favorite designers – McQueen and Temperly – but for everyday wear I believe she will stick to her high-street roots.

One of my favorite Chelsea maternity boutiques is Blossom and I have a feeling Kate herself will make a visit, at some point in her pregnancy. I can also see her heading to Emily Evans store, 9London, just off Sloane Square. Topshop maternity and Isabella Oliver could also be strong contenders.

Here are my high-street Kate picks:











  1. Splendid Clothing February 3, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

    I think Kate can wear anything and make it work right. Go girl.

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