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I am a bag and shoes girl, I love them both equally as much. I could not possible choose between a stunning pair of Choos or a fabulous handbag!

So when I became pregnant one of my first worries (after the initial panic about changing body shape, morning sickness and sleepless nights) was that I would no longer be able to carry my beloved Mulberry Alexa. (I got her for Christmas just before I found out I was expecting, so she was still very new). Thank goodness for brands like Sugarjack!

No matter what you might think if you are a new mum-to-be, there is no way that once you have had your baby you can continue to carry your normal handbag. There is just too much baby kit and your designer hold-all is simply not equipped to deal with it. Plus with babies comes mess and leakage – not worth risking on your favorite tote.

Now you might not really care about bags, and just go for the Boots freebie for when your little one comes along – This is fine. But if you are like me, a lifeless black satchel is not going to cut it. This is where Sugarjack comes in –  What I would describe as the ‘Mulberry’ of changing bags. I have lusted after one of their designs since A was born. Through Mumzynot I am now lucky enough to be the proud owner of one. My Lily bag, in patent nude leather, arrived nearly a week ago now. I have been using her every day since.

As a changing bag Lily has it all. Umpteen pockets and compartments, across buggy strap, adjustable shoulder straps, removable washable lining (this is essential for a changing bag), insulated pockets and matching changing mat. There is also a cute internal pouch that can be carried separately from the bag. A nice additional feature in which to keep your purse, keys and make-up. Basically, all the features of most changing bag brands these days.

So what makes Sugarjack so special compared to these other brands? For me, it is simple – design and quality. I love bags and I love fashion, I love Sugarjack. Not only are their changing bags made for practicality and function, but they are designed to look like a handbag – at first glance their is no sign of a baby. Their new Spring collection is utterly chic. (Not to mention the attention to detail Sugarjack gives to every purchase – dustbag, care-cards, ribbon ties and a cute box to store your new bag.). A Sugarjack bag is a real investment piece, that will remain part of your wardrobe for years to come (baby or not)!

I adore my new Lily, but I also like Gabi and Rebecca, and Isabelle! I can see any one of these styles on the arm of Kate Middleton in the not too distant future……

See the collection here and let me know which is your favorite?

P.S Don’t forget to become a Sugarjack fan and follow them on Twitter!



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