4 Mar

It’s Mother’s day soon. So exciting – I love having an extra day of being spoilt and (hopefully) getting presents!  There is of course nothing nicer than a homemade card from your little ones, but it’s also nice to have an extra treat.

There are so many mother’s day-inspired gifts to choose from (I like to drop little hints).  Here are my top 5. Anyone of these and I would be a very happy mummy this March 10th.

1.Vera Wang Lovestruck. Her latest fragrance which smells utterly scrumptious. Love the bottle too!

2. Laura Mercier body creme. This is the most luxurious body moisturizer you will use. A little goes a long way.

3. These friendship bracelets from Melissa Odabash are so cute!

4. Or perhaps a little something from one of my favorites, Alex Monroe.

Perfect for my new coffee table. You know how much I love Choos!



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