21 Mar

I thought you might like to see what we have done with A’s playroom – it is finally finished.

I have had lots of fun decorating her play-space. I wanted it to be a room that she can grow into, and that will also easily transform to a more adult space once she gets older. Whilst looking for inspiration I came across the most divine Osborne and Little wallpaper that I instantly fell in love with and the playroom seemed like the perfect location. Being more on the expensive side a small wall was required.We ripped out some old bookshelves and wallpapered the inside, keeping a few lower shelves for toys and book.

The walls are painted in Farrow and Ball’s ‘Elephants Breath’ and the skirting ‘Off-White’. Farrow and Ball paint is amazing and I really recommend it. All their colours are so rich and earthy and you only ever (usually) need two coats. Another great thing about Farrow and Ball is that the paint is pretty much odourless, which is great where children are concerned. It also dries really quickly. If you start early you can do those two coats in one day.

We debated what to do on the floor, being a play room it was going to be hard to keep mess to a minimum. When we moved into the house there was original parquet flooring – but it was cold and dark so I wasn’t keen to keep it. In the end we went with carpet, in the same colour as the rest of the house, a very light cream. (which I am probably going to live to regret.) As a result I have had to be very strict – No excuse shoes-off-policy and no food, drink or crayons un-supervised. A is well trained already. When her friends come over to play she looks at their shoes, says ‘shoes’ and tries to take them off. As a result, so far, we have done pretty well and the cream still looks, cream. (There was an incident with a glass of red wine, but I won’t go into that now.)

None-the-less, the carpet has only been in place a few months, and there is only so much trust you can place in babies, husbands and dogs, so I have been looking for a nice rug. We spent ages looking for the right one and in the end it appeared on Achica. (This website is a must if you love interior design – fabulous brands and designers at great discounts.)

What do you think?


Jess x


For the most part, all A’s furniture and toys are from my favourite on-line children’s boutique, Cottage Toys. The adorable animal chairs, wooden play-kitchen, pushchair and dolls house are all from CT. There is nothing nicer than a playroom filled with traditional and wooden toys.





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