25 Mar

Last week A was lucky enough to be send some new bath toys from the fabulous Boon. We received a Whale pod, scrubble bugs and a not your average rubber duck! All very exciting for a 21 month old, as you can imagine.

A adores the bath and would spend hours in there if she was allowed and time permitted. She loves to play with all her toys and these latest additions from Boon Inc are no exception. She finds it fascinating trying to undo each of the scrubble bugs to fill them with water, and then squeeze it out again. She also loves to go fishing with the little net, and is thrilled when she manages to catch something. It is very cute to watch and makes bathtime really easy for me, as she pretty much entertains herself. All I have to do is watch and offer words of encouragement.

If you are looking for some cool and innovative new bath-toys for your little one, I would definitely recommend Boon. All their toys are really funky and fun. The whale pod is also fantastic – We now have somewhere to store all these toys! It suctions onto the wall and the tray easily detaches to allow you to scoop everything out of the bath. This not only makes bathtime fun but tidying-up time too! Our bathroom looks a lot smarter these days.

Thank you Boon, love Jess and A x

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