27 Mar

I was recently sent one of these super chic pregnancy pendants from a cute new jewellery brand, Blooming Lovely Jewellery. Their new collection is aimed at mums-to-be and features the magical Mexican Bola.

The Mexican Bola necklace is derived from a beautiful story about how Mexican woman traditionally wore this same Bola, to bond with their unborn babies. ‘Worn low over Mummy’s growing bump, the soft tinkling chime of the pendant is said to gently serenade and soothe baby as Mum goes about her daily life. When the little one arrives, the same relaxing sounds of the Bola are believed to bring baby comfort and a sense of familiarity and can be used to help soothe or entertain.’

I am not currently pregnant so I sent the necklace to one of my gorgeous mummy testers. Claire, who is due in September, loves her new pendant and has vowed to wear it everyday. Elegant and stylish, with long silver chain, it goes with everything. (N.B Megan Fox is also a big fan and wore hers throughout her pregnancy!)

Such a lovely piece of jewellery that would make a wonderful and meaningful baby shower gift, or treat for yourself. Shop your Bola Necklace here

Thank you Blooming Lovely Jewellery. Jess and Claire x





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