28 Mar

This is probably a familiar story, or it will be soon if you are expecting baby no.1:

Your little one is no-longer a helpless baby that is easy to control. She has learnt to feed herself and drink from a cup and now wants to be as ‘grown-up’ as possible when it comes to dinner time. This means a highchair to sit in is no longer acceptable!? There is nothing worse than battling with a headstrong toddler especially at times like this, when really they are not being naughty, just frustrated. Mummy and daddy sit on a chair at the table, so why can’t I? There is now a solution. Thanks to Mamas and Papas Baby Bud, everyone is happy.

Sitting on an adult chair at 21 months is fine, but it’s not always safe – especially if you are running around trying to do 100 other things at the same time as supervising meal time. Baby Bud means your little one thinks they are sitting on an adult chair at the table, when in fact they are in a specialist baby seat, strapped in and safely secure, attached to an adult chair! The baby bud is basically a type of booster seat with secure harnesses to keep baby in place and seat secure. It also comes with a detachable tray, making it suitable to use from weaning age, right up to the age of 3. No need to purchase a high-chair then?! – Which is perfect if you have limited space. Also great for the Grandparents – It’s cheaper than a high-chiar and they can store it in the cupboard under the stairs ready for visits or babysitting duties.

We were sent a Baby Bud a few weeks ago and I must say it has been quite a hit. A, for the most part, will sit in it quite happily whilst she eats her dinner. Without the tray, you can push the chair right up to the table so she feels just like one of the adults. It does however depend how hungry she is, and as soon as she has finished it is a struggle to keep her sitting still in there for much longer. To be honest though, I don’t think there is a solution for this – Once a toddler has had enough and wants to get down there is little you can do to persuade them otherwise!?

The great thing about Baby Bud is that it is easily transportable, so you can take it with you on holiday (not on a plane though, or in a suitcase!), to a friends house or even a restaurant!  We used ours at a friends tea party the other day and it was fabulous! It can also be used as a safe and secure play-station for smaller babies, with the use of the tray as a play-table. It is nicely padded and soft, so baby should be quite comfy, safely strapped in, and play happily – so you can get some jobs done!

Thank you Mamas and Papas,

Jess and A x

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