14 May

Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be a massive fan, and after reading a recent article in the Daily Mail (Yes I know, of all places!) I am really liking the sound of this new fitness/lifestyle craze….

The UP wristband is described as a ‘lifestyle coach’. It’s a simple, rubber bracelet that contains a built-in motion sensor and Motionx GPS, that monitors your daily activity and reacts accordingly. It vibrates if you have been inactive and a stopwatch monitors any activities.

Working alongside an iphone app, the UP wristband by Jawbone, estimates your daily calories burned, as well as anticipating your mood – Simply scan the barcodes of your food shopping for calorie intake and input how you are feeling for mood assessment. Everything is then relayed to you through your phone, with tips and suggestion on how you can improve your lifestyle, control your waistline and enhance your mood.

Sounds pretty cool huh? I am especially liking the idea of controlled moods! You may be thinking this is similar to the Nike Fuelband, which I guess it is….But if Gwyneth is a fan it must be good. She is one amazing looking mum-of-two.

Get yours here. Let me know how you get on?


Jess x




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