20 May

As with everything  Kate Middleton, if she has it, we all want it. When it comes to maternity wear and baby accessories this could not be more true.

As a more down-to-earth royal, Kate likes to keep it real and wherever possible she tries to support British brands. She is a big fan of Topshop maternity, for example. That cute Polka-dot dress from their maternity range, sold out within an hour of her pictured wearing it. And apparently, according to the Daily Mail, sales of moses baskets have soured over the last few weeks, thanks to Kate being spotted recently purchased one from a Mayfair boutique. (I have a sneaky suspicion the Royal Moses basket may be something like this chic organic one from Natures Purest...)

Kate is also said to be a big fan of the Air Puppy cuddly toys. Air Puppy is similar to the famous brand, Jelly Cats, but just a little more hip and a little more cool. Instead of cute fluffy bunnies think quirky tom-cat, complete with check scarf and cheeky grin. (A has an Oaty Cat and he is one of her favorite furry friends.) Air Puppy is in fact a local company to the Royals, designed and manufactured in Buckinghamshire. The ‘Royal Household’ recently purchased an Air puppy and bunny for Kate and her baby-to-be. No-doubt this will now be the latest must-have soft toy for all new babies. You heard it here first on!

Oaty Cat

Another brand that seems to have got the Royal seal of approval is Bugaboo. Kate is believed to have chosen the Dutch brand as her stroller of choice, bucking her trend for all things British. In this instance it doesn’t surprise me. It’s hard for any brand to compete with Bugaboo when it comes to baby transportation. I just wonder whether she will go for a Chameleon or a Bee?

With still a few months to go I am excited to discover how Kate styles the rest of her pregnancy as her bump continues to grow. I also cannot wait to see which other brands she promotes to the top of the yummy-mummy must-have list. What changing bag will she choose for example? I have a strong suspicious she will be drawn to the more sophisticated styles from the likes of SugarJack and Storksak. And it will of course be leather.

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