21 May

This is such a cute idea that I was introduced to a few weeks ago by one of the PR companies I work with. Jazz for Babies. A really loves music, of all genres, so I knew straight away we had to have some sample CD’s to listen to.

They say that playing music to a bump is a great way to sooth and comfort. When your baby is born they will recognise the sounds heard from the womb and instantly be settled. I can really see how this would work.  In a similar way to white noise i’m guessing….. (which 100% worked a treat for us when A was a new born). I didn’t play music to A specifically, but I was always singing along to the radio and I love to play music whilst doing the housework, so I think her love of music came subconsciously. Although lets face it, all little ones love music. A little persons love of music and the power it can have on their mood is exactly why I love the idea of Jazz for Babies.

Jazz for babies is produced by renowned Jazz musician and professor of music Micheal Janisch. When his wife became pregnant Michael wanted to give his daughter the best possible start. As a musician he wanted her to be exposed to the best quality music from the onset. He could find nothing suitable, so decided to create something himself. As a result he has produced five albums featuring lullaby-renditions of some of the worlds most beautiful songs.

A and I received three of his albums, The Saxaphone, The Trumpet and the Piano, and have been playing them in the car wherever we go. Michael has successfully created some of the most relaxing and comforting baby-music I have ever heard! That is coming from me as an adult with a nearly two year old, I can only imagine how a new born baby would react. (NB if you are feeling tired and driving, I would not recommend playing Jazz for Babies in the car) This is music for babies that is not irritating or mindless, it’s sophisticated and soothing and you will love listening to it as much as your little one. As Michael intended for his daughter, this is definitely giving babies the best possible musical start.

If you like the sound of Jazz for Babies for your little one, or bump, and would like to win the complete 5 album collection:

Head over to the Mumzynot Facebook page and like and share this link on your wall. Entrants also have to like the Mumzynot page.

Good Luck. The winner will be announced on Monday 27th May.





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  1. Helena Henning May 29, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    I love jazz myself so this would be great for my kids!


  1. Anonymous - November 29, 2013

    [...] new friends over at ‘Mumzy Not‘ maternity blogsite has done a great write-up about Jazz for Babies and is offering a free [...]

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