28 May

It’s coming up to that time, potty training! A is two at the end of June and I feel she is definitely ready, the problem is, am I?!

In preparation I have been sent a potty. But not just any potty….A Disney Princess musical sounds potty! This is strictly one for the girls, although I can imagine a little boy would love it just as much. I wonder if they do one in Blue…

A now has her very own pink toilet, complete with magical chiming flush. As you can imagine she just loves it! At this stage it is just the novelty of sitting there and pulling the flush, but anything that makes potty training fun is a good thing right…? We have placed her new ‘toilet’ in the bathroom upstairs, out of the way. (It might be amazing for a toddler but it is not the chicest potty you will see, if a chic potty even exists!?)

At this early stage I am just making the process as relaxed and organic as possible. Every bath time and in the morning we sit on the potty and see what happens…mostly nothing, but when it is done she is absolutely thrilled! I figure she will get the hang of it when she is ready…..

The Disney Princess toilet also comes with a removable padded seat which you can detach and use as a booster for the grown-up toilet, once little one is ready for the transition. I am excited to see how quickly A gets the hang of things. I will keep you posted on our progress!

In the meantime, if you have any potty training tips for me I would love to hear them!?


Jess x



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