29 May

When it comes to newborns and little ones, I feel (wherever possible) organic and natural is always best. Such a precious thing deserves nothing less.

There are some really cute baby brands that recognize this parental desire and one of my favorites has to be Natures Purest – They have such an adorable collection. From bathtime essentials to nursery collections all made from the finest, purist, 100% natural cotton.  It could not be softer or more snuggly!

I always think that when it comes to shopping, quality should always out-weight quantity and when it comes to babies this mantra could not be more fitting. Babies grow super-quick, so instead of going crazy and buying anything and everything, stick to a few timeless classics that are made free-from, giving your baby the best possible start. A few beautiful pieces from brands such as Natures Purest is all your little one needs.

I am especially loving their 100% Organic cotton baby blanket. It is just divine!



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